Baseball for the blind being played and taught in Cuba with hopes of spreading across Latin America

HAVANA, Cuba — Baseball and softball are played by over 65 million people in over 140 countries, and the global sport, which is returning to the Olympic Games in 2020, is also growing among players with disabilities such as visual impairment.

Baseball for the blind players and officials from Cuba, France, Germany and Italy — and the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) — recently organised meetings and training in Havana, where baseball for the blind was introduced by the Italian Association of Baseball for the Blind (AIBXC) a few year ago.

Cuba se mantiene en el quinto lugar del Ranking Mundial

Pese a la salida de Cuba en la Segunda Ronda del IV Clásico Mundial 2017 con un balance de 2-4, el elenco antillano mantuvo su posición en el quinto lugar del Ranking Mundial de la Confederación Mundial de Béisbol y Sofbol (WBSC por sus siglas en Inglés), tras publicarse el mismo este martes 28 de marzo, actualizado después de la culminación del torneo mundialista que coronó a Estados Unidos.

Precisamente este país, con su título, ascendió en el mismo y ahora se coloca a solo 321 puntos del aún líder, Japón. 

WBSC Reveals Updated World Ranking. Cuba is No. 5

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The World Baseball Softball Confederation today revealed the updated 2016 standings in the Official WBSC Baseball World Rankings, which weigh a country’s entire National Team programme (from U-12 to Professional) in international competition.

The Top 10 sees five position changes with the most recent world rankings update, while 59 of the 71 ranked nations either moved up or down the ladder.  Four continents (Asia, Europe, North- and South America) are represented within the Top 10, and five (Oceania) within the Top 20.

2017 World Baseball Classic qualifiers are set

World Baseball Classic, Inc. (WBCI) today announced the venues and pools for the qualifying round of the 2017 World Baseball Classic, the fourth installment of the baseball tournament featuring many of the world's greatest players. The winners of each qualifier will advance to compete in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. The four venues that have been selected to host a Qualifier are:

• Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney, Australia

• Estadio B Air in Mexicali, Mexico

• Rod Carew Stadium in Panama City, Panama

• MCU Park in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Anunciados los 12 elencos para el Premier 12

Un total de 12 elencos fueron anunciados por la Confederación Mundial de Béisbol y Softbol (World Baseball Softball Confederation, WBSC), para la primera edición del llamado Premier 12, un torneo que reemplaza a la difunta Copa del Mundo de mayores y que celebrará su primera edición el venidero año.