Calendar of Baseball International Events for 2017

Below is the calendar of events for baseball in many different geographical areas. 

February 1-7 - Serie del Caribe in Culican, Sinoaloa,Mexico - Home of the Tomateros 

March 6-10 - World Baseball Classic, Pool A Seoul, Korea 

March 7-11 - World Baseball Classic, Pool B, Tokyo Japan

March 9-13 - World Baseball Classic Pool C, Miami, Florida, United States 

March 9-13 - World Baseball Classic, Pool D, Jalisco, Mexico

March 12-16 - World Baseball Classic, Pool E, Tokyo, Japan 

March 14-19 - World Baseball Classic, Pool F, San Diego, California, United States 

March 20-22 - World Baseball Classic Finals, Los Angeles, ,California, United States 

March - Florida for Spring Training, Palm, Florida, New Home of the Astros and Nationals 

April 3 - Washington D.C. opening day for game versus the NL East Miami Marlins 

June 16-28 - NCAA College World Series, Omaha, Nebraska 

July 1- 9 - World Port Tournament, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

July 2-7 - Cuba versus United States Series, Cary, Durham and Charlotte,, North Carolina

July 28 - August 6 - IV U-12 Baseball World Cup, Tainan, Taiwan 

August 17-27 - Little League World Series, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 

September 1 - 10 - Under 18 Baseball World Cup, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada