56 NS: Matanzas on a Roll in Cuban League

Most of the top Cuban players are in the major leagues or waiting to become declared a free agent. Those remaining in Cuba are either on the down side of their career or are still trying to prove themselves. Myworld has not followed the Cuban League and was shocked that they are already in their 40 plus games when we thought we would check in. 

One team that has gotten off to one of the most torrid starts ever in baseball is the Matanzas Crocodiles. They have played 45 games and won 42 of them, a .933 winning percentage. Myworld is not aware of any team in professional baseball that has gotten off to such a good start. Their .336 batting average is tops in the league by close to 30 points. Their biggest winning streak for the year was 18 but they are working on a 15 game winning streak. 

Some of the players responsible for this start:

Victor V. Mesa is the son of a Cuban star of the same name. He is hitting .331 but what separates him from other players in the league is his 22 stolen bases in 28 attempts. It is rare for a Cuban player to steal that many bases. Expect him to be leaving Cuba for the major leagues before another Cuban season begins.

Jefferson Delgado is hitting .446 with a .514 OBA, his batting average tops in the league by about 40 points. He is tied with Mesa for second on the team in runs scored with 32.

The top run scorer is Anibal Medina with 36. He is hitting .350 and is tops on the team in homeruns with 6. The league leader in Cuba has 10.

The top RBI man is Yordanis Samon at 39. He is hitting .398. Other Crocodiles raking are Ariel Martinez (.326), Yasiel Santoya (.336) and Ariel Sanchez (.376). That is seven hitters batting over .300.

On the pitching front the Crocodiles have two pitchers who have consistently made their national team roster. Yoanni Yera is 9-0 with a 1.76 ERA. He has struck out 66 hitters in 67 innings. Jonder Martinez is a veteran national team pitcher with a 7-0 record and a 2.51 ERA. 

With a 13 game lead it will be difficult for any team to catch them. It is one of the greatest starts in any professional baseball league. Myworld feels kind of bad for catching it so late.