Jose Adolis Garcia Joins the Yomiuri Giants

José Adolis García has joined the minor league team of the Yomiuri Giants.

He is the younger brother of Braves third baseman Adonis García, who was recently demoted to the minor leagues. The Cuban Nacional Series contracted out the services of García to the Giants.

The Giants have to hope García does better than the last hitter they contracted out Frederich Cepeda, who struggled to hit Japanese pitching.

The one bright spot is García is younger than Cepeda at 23 years of age, so there is a lot of future in his game.

He also led the Nacional Series in RBIs with 71, batting .314 with 14 homeruns. He will be another player to watch to see how he does against the sophisticated Japanese pitching.

Against Cuban pitching he had a somewhat poor 34/59 walk to whiff ratio. Most contact hitters will walk more than they strikeout against Cuban pitching. 

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