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Might This Be A Final Waterloo, or a Surprising Watershed Year for Cuba in Tokyo?

Tokyo (March 6, 2017)

Cuba has unquestionably been the biggest overall surprise of the first three World Baseball Classic editions. Team Israel may already be well down the road to changing that scenario during the first couple of days of the current renewal for MLB’s increasingly popular “true, legitimate” baseball world series. But across the first three high profile showcase events it has been the Cubans who have written the most unexpected fairy tales and turned the largest numbers of sceptics into true believers. 

Fidel Castro y el Béisbol

Su recta murió hace mucho tiempo. Aún le quedan algunas curvas, que nos lanza rutinariamente. — Nicholas Burns, Vocero del Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos

La Liga Cubana (Después de 1962)

El popular deporte del béisbol mantuvo e incluso fortaleció su acogida en la nación insular de Cuba luego de la revolución socialista de 1959. De hecho, el deporte nacional realmente se expandió en popularidad y se elevó en cuanto al nivel de talento durante varias décadas inmediatamente luego de la llegada al poder de Fidel Castro a mediados del siglo.

Cuban League Game Redefines Meaning of “Walk-Off Homer”

There have indeed been many bizarre, improbable, almost credibility-stretching games played in the Cuban League over the past half-century of “revolutionary” baseball. In fact it might well be claimed that if the post-1962 Cuban circuit is truly unique among the world’s top professional leagues then it remains so above all else for its rare mixture of the improbable and unlikely with some of the most dazzling on-field action found anywhere in the baseball universe.

Reviewing José Abreu’s Record-Book Rookie Big League Season

An apparent shoo-in to walk off with 2014 American League Rookie of the Year honors, José Dariel Abreu has now completed a summer-long debut performance in Chicago that surprised even the most ardent advocates who had watched him tear up Cuban League pitching for much of the past half-dozen winter seasons. Abreu hardly flashed on to the big league scene as a lightning bolt shot out of nowhere; he was hardly an “unknown quantity” for those who had followed the Cuban domestic national pastime across recent winter seasons.