2018 Cuban Semifinals schedule released

The schedule for the 2018 Cuban Semifinals, has been realeased.

The first series will kick off on Thursday, Jan. 4 at 7:15 pm (EST) with Game 1 between the Matanzas Crocodiles (Mtz) and the Granma Stallions (Grm). The series could go as late as Jan. 14, if the Semifinals need a full seven games to be decided.

Matanzas has home-field advantage in the series, after winning more games (61) than any other team during the regular season. With 49 wins, Granma is the team with the least wins of all four classifieds teams. However, Granma is the defending champion and it's superstar outfielder, Alfredo Despaigne, is confirmed to play with the team during the postseason.

The second Semifinal will begin on Friday, Jan. 5 at 8:00 pm (EST), with Game 1 between the Industriales Lions (Ind) and the Las Tunas Woodcutters (Ltu). If Game 7 is needed to decide the series, it will be played on Jan. 15 at 7:15 pm.

For this series, Las Tunas, that won 59 games during the regular season, will have home-field advantage. During the regular season Industriales only won 51 games. 

The full schedule appears below.

1 4/1/2018 V. Girón 7:15 PM Mtz Grm
2 5/1/2018 V. Girón 5:00 PM Mtz Grm
3 5/1/2018 J.A.Mella 8:00 PM Ltu Ind
  6/1/2018 Travel (Mtz-Grm)      
4 6/1/2018 J.A.Mella 4:00 PM Ltu Ind
  7/1/2018 Travel (Ltu-Ind)      
5 8/1/2018 M.Barbados 7:15 PM Grm Mtz
6 9/1/2018 M.Barbados 5:00 PM Grm Mtz
7 9/1/2018 Latinoamericano 8:00 PM Ind Ltu
8 10/1/2018 Latinoamericano 5:00 PM Ind Ltu
9 10/1/2018 M.Barbados 8:00 PM Grm Mtz
  11/1/2018 Travel (Mtz-Grm)      
10 11/1/2018 Latinoamericano 7:15 PM Ind Ltu
  12/1/2018 Travel (Ltu-Ind)      
11 13/01/2018 V. Girón 4:00 PM Mtz Grm
12 14/01/2018 J.A.Mella 2:00 PM Ltu Ind
13 14/01/2018 V. Girón 6:00 PM Mtz Grm
14 15/01/2018 J.A.Mella 7:15 PM Ltu Ind